I’m a wife, a kitty mommy, a Digital Audience Specialist, and an amateur home cook. My name is Kelly McMullen and I hope this blog inspires you as much as it has me.

My goal in creating the “Dishn it out” food blog is two-fold: to have a place where I can document what my husband and I make at home and  to make changes as needed; and to share downright good recipes from me to you. So, this is something that is truly intended to help me as much as it does you.

With that said, I welcome feedback. In fact, I encourage it! This blog is intended to be a two-way street. I’ll answer any questions on recipes while also welcoming feedback/critique (a feedback form is at the bottom of this page, if interested).

After all, what’s the use in starting a blog like this if you aren’t willing to grow and learn from it? Here’s to providing some good recipes, useful tips, and hopefully a whole lot of inspiration.

Oh, and to providing laughs along the way. I’m definitely not afraid to make fun of myself for ruining a recipe. Most of the time, I deserve it. I’ll tell you about those times, too.

Let’s dish it out!


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